Importance of Nutrition During Pregnancy

Nutrition is a science, of how the body utilizes food, nutrition is life. Every living thing on this planet needs food and water to survive. But not just any food will do, you need healthy food. Why nutrition is important. Eating a balanced diet is vital for good health and wellbeing. Food provides our bodies with the energy, protein, essential fats, vitamins and minerals to live, grow and function properly. We need a wide variety of different foods to provide the right amounts of nutrients for good health.

Many people are aware of the importance of good nutrition during pregnancy. This is because the unborn baby needs to become as healthy as possible before being born. In order to do this, the pregnant mother should eat healthy foods. There are also several foods and drinks that the pregnant woman should avoid. By consuming the right foods and avoiding the wrong ones, the baby will some out healthy.

One of the key components of proper nutrition for pregnant women is folic acid. Even women who are not regnant are recommended to have a daily minimum consumption of 400mcg of folic acid so that spina bifida and other neural tube defects among infants san be prevented from occurring. Folic acid can be found among beans, liver, and green leaf vegetables.

Aside from folic acid, protein is another important nutrition during pregnancy. Protein is important since the amino acids in this substance summarize the building blocks of the cells of the mom and the unborn baby. For this reason, pregnant women are recommended to have a daily consumption of at least 60-70 grams protein. This can be found in lamb, milk, fish, and eggs.

Iron is another item which pregnant women should have an ample supply of. This is because pregnant women will have an increase in the volume of their blood. For this, iron is needed to support this sudden upsurge. Iron will also be needed by the newborn baby. By supplying the needed iron while the mother is still regnant, the supply will be able to last the baby for the first 3-6 months outside of the womb.

The other important nutrients that a pregnant woman must include in her diet include Vitamins A & C. Calcium must also be a part of this equation. Nutrition during pregnancy can also be obtained from health supplements, not just food.

You must eat a healthful, balanced diet to help ensure you stay healthy throughout your pregnancy. The food you eat is also the main course of nourishment for your baby, so it’s critical to consume foods that are rich in nutrients. Proper nutrition san her promote your baby’s growth and development.

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