If you’re sexually active but want to avoid getting pregnant, OB/GYN Lawson Richter, MD, and his experienced team at Compassionate Care for Women in Las Vegas and Pahrump, Nevada, can help. They offer temporary and permanent birth control options that help you avoid becoming pregnant until you’re ready.

What is birth control?

Birth control, or contraception, is a method used to prevent pregnancy. Birth control works in numerous ways by:

  • Preventing sperm from reaching eggs
  • Not allowing the ovaries to release eggs

Based on your health, medical history, and whether you’d like to have children in the future, Dr. Richter lets you know which birth control method best matches your individual needs.

What are the different types of birth control?

You can choose from numerous birth control methods, such as:


If you choose the natural rhythm method for birth control, Dr. Richter lets you know how to reduce pregnancy risks by avoiding sexual activity during the days you’re most fertile. He might recommend an at-home ovulation kit.


Barrier methods involve using condoms, diaphragms, sponges, or cervical caps each time you have sex. This form of contraception is noninvasive and reduces your risk of, but doesn’t fully protect you from, becoming pregnant.


Short-acting hormonal birth control includes birth control pills, mini pills, shots, vaginal rings, and patches. Remember to take birth control pills daily or monthly, depending on the type of pills Dr. Richter prescribes, to maximize their effectiveness.

Taking conventional birth control pills means you have a period each month while continuous-dosing birth control allows you to have a period 4-6 times yearly or not at all. Dr. Richter offers birth control shots every three months if you prefer that method instead.


Long-acting reversible birth control can last 3-10 years or longer, depending on the method you choose. Examples include intrauterine devices (IUDs), Nexplanon®, and other hormonal implants.

These birth control methods are removable so you can become pregnant in the future. If you’re not planning to get pregnant anytime soon, long-acting reversible contraception might be a good option for you.


Which birth control method is right for me?

Pros and cons exist for each birth control method, so talk with Dr. Richter about which one matches your individual needs. The best option for you is based on your lifestyle, health, and when (if at all) you’d like to have children in the future.

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